Roshan Deep – Mannsi Agrawal is an international corporate trainer and gold medalist at Economics . She is TEDx speaker, distinguished toastmaster, communication coach, transformational motivational speaker, renowned baby photographer, web series host and having mentored bankers, government and corporate employees,students, beauty pageant winners and national level speech contest winners based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Also she is involved in research in Scriptures related to Hindu Mythology. A motivator and an idea generator by heart, she is an asset for generation of innovative ideas.

Her most popular workshops include Rock That Speech and Rock That Interview. Rock that Speech is a basic guide to making outstanding speeches, and has been appreciated by speakers and professionals of all levels.

Her strength is her delivery and dedication. She teaches in her captivating style, using simple words to explain complicated concepts. She is an avid Toastmaster, having achieved the Distinguished TM title, the highest accolade offered by Toastmasters International for Public Speaking and Leadership Skills.

She speaks five and a half (French being the ‘half!’) languages,has acted in 8 plays, and done 7 Stand Up comedy shows professionally. She believes that the stage is her best friend; it elevates her and gives her a more confident voice. She feels most alive when she is swimming, travelling or entertaining audiences.

When she touched down Nepal. She was just 21 and got mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty all around. When She saw the chill in Kathmandu city. She was completely shocked and thrilled.

According to Mannsi ,”Experincing the pleasant weather in Nepal it must be just an illusion,” She thought and would soon be gone. But to her surprise, that lasted and she realized that Kathmandu offers great weather all seasons. A lot of things made her feel that she was in a paradise. Her husband, a Nepali guy, took her to Durbar Square of Bhaktapur and some other heritage sites. She couldn’t believe her eyes – there were live museums in the nooks and alleys.

The traditional lifestyle of the people in and outskirts of the Valley gave her goosebumps. She was born in Calcutta. By fortune she got married to a Nepali when she was 21 and then Nepal became her second home. Kathmandu as a city, where her husband lived and later she lived along with him captivated her,” she said.

She’d go for an outing with her husband frequently and even a random visit to restaurants would have great things to offer. For instance, exploring Baudhha, Thamel, Kingsway and other areas quite elated her. She thought all her close friends and relatives must visit this special place. She got even more passionate about the beauty of Nepal after she visited Chitwan National Park and Pokhara, among other destinations.

“She was so overwhelmed by the flora and fauna, the biodiversity, the geographical features and so on. She did some research on all those and at the same time She developed quite a zeal for photography. She thought She is living in such a great place, why would she miss capturing them in my reels,” exclaimed her, mother of an eight-year-old. “Then she started calling her friends, her relatives in Kolkata to come and visit Nepal. I would feel that they would miss a lot if they didn’t come here,” she added.

But her friends gave a damn. They did not listen to her. They gave their words but hardly ever turned up. In 2019, Mannsi told them that Nepal was organizing a ‘Visit Nepal Year’ campaign the coming year. However, they hardly seemed interested.

“Her mother visits her sometimes, Her brother loves Nepal, very close family members do come. But how she loved to see a lot of my school friends and bigger circle to have this experience! So, on and off, Sh was like, please come, please come,” she laughed.

Since the people she desperately wanted to see in Nepal never understood what she was trying to say, Mannsi came up with a video which says – Don’t visit Nepal, and here are the seven reasons why not to.

“Of course, that’s satirical. She composed the video to make Nepal look irresistible for them,” Mannsi, a corporate trainer revealed.

Because the purpose of the video was to make her target group regret not planning to visit Nepal, she was about to post that only to the close Facebook group.

However, she did it on her Facebook page allowing access to everyone. In just 18 hours of the video posted (till Saturday quarter to two pm), it has been liked by 11k Facebook users and commented by nearly 1k Nepali and other countrymen and women. It has already been viewed 260k times and shared by 3.5k people. The eight minute video talks of the rich and diverse Nepali culture, tradition, heritage, cuisines, and hospitality, among others.

“She deeply feel that Nepal has not been able to promote things well, or else, there’s a paradise everywhere in this country, there must be no land like Nepal in the entire world in terms of inside and outside beauty,” Mannsi sums up.